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May 3

Dragons Tooth- April


The freshest time of year to be out hiking is early spring. Landscapes become a lush green and flowers begin to bloom all over. The Dragons Tooth hike starts on a spur trail at parking and connects with the Appalachian Trail at Lost Spectacles Gap.


Though the trail is over 2 miles all up, many vistas along the way make the hike amusing. A great camping area exists at the ridge gap about half way into the climb. Make sure you have good footwear for the final climb to the summit, it's almost nothing but rock.


Crossing a small stream at the trail's base



Camping at Lost Spectacles Gap, Appalachian Trail


The scen while starting the tough rock climb to summit


Rocky road headed toward the top


The view from the rock slab, first completely open vista


The Appalachian Trail slices up the rocky slab- yikes!


Don Defreeze atop a "Dragons Tooth"



The view looking to the left from the "Dragons Tooth"


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