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Powerful & Portable the Energizer LED Tripod light is a handy multi purpose tool that is ideal for the home garage and workshop


- Pivoting head designed to spotlight specific areas
- Sturdy foldout legs for hands free applications
- For a more traditional hand held flashlight simply fold it the compact legs.
- To light up larger spaces switch on the side panel for bright and powerful area lighting.
- Up to 150 lumens* of area light for up to 100 hours or 100 lumens of focused beam for 10 hours
- Water Resistant
- Lifetime Guarantee
- Includes 4 Energizer Max AA batteries
- For initial product use you will need to disable the Try Me feature. To disable remove the batteries wait 10 seconds and re-insert

*Light output measured from LED at 150 mA rms drive current. Value is only applicable to the LED. Actual device light output may vary.

Light Fusion

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