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Mountains and Sun

Sample Appalachian Views

Suggested trails and outings

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McAfee Knob:  This is the most popular hike in the Roanoke area. Start the hike at Rt 311 trail-head where you can choose to hike the trail or fire-road (for 2/3 of the way to summit). There are no surprises on this hike, just be prepared to cover 7 mi. total. The trail route passes 2 shelters and provides more changeable scenery than the fire-road, but it does require more effort to traverse its curvy nature. Hiking is not very difficult, but the tiring length of this trail gives it a Moderate rating (see Video)

Tinker Cliffs:  It's the most conspicuous mountain in view from McAfee Knob. This photo of the cliffs was taken from McAfee. However, the two hikes are completely different. This hike starts at valley level, Rt 779, follows the Andy Layne Trail to Scorched Earth Gap where it turns toward the cliffs summit. Though some stretches of trail are extremely acute and hike's total distance nears 8 mi, the rewards on top are fantastic. The remote location allows for more wildlife, esp. birds, and the view offers rare angles of ridges.

a catba-4.jpg

Catawba Rocks:  Want an easy hike with a great overlook? Try this! Great for beginners, take the trail south from Rt 311 trail-head, and in less-than a mile, a large and unusual rock formation becomes a magnet to explore. The trail starts atop the ridge-line so there are no extreme ascents; however, the trail does traverse some exciting landscapes. Though our guide service for all outdoor activities is FREE, we often extended a reduced transportation fee to get to the trail (see our RESERVE page). The easy access to this location makes this hike a gem any time of year.

Apple Orchard Falls:  At over 100' high, this falls is one of the largest in SW Virginia.  Better yet, the trail is perfect for a day's hike into Appalachian wilderness! The 2 mi route to the falls parallels a babbling brook where rest breaks can be copiously refreshing. The hike gets a bit rocky nearing the goal, but heck, you're almost there. Under optimum conditions, the roar of the falls is so great that a talk to friends becomes a yell. Hike up along the falls to explore and see a unforgettable view of the Appalachians, and the valley you just hiked.


Dragon's Tooth:  Be prepared for a hiking workout! This 2 mi hike is all up and sometimes a battle for each step. The first half follows a moderate climb which wriggles up a ridge-side; the second half is rocky with hands-on hoisting required in places (Hats-off to the little doggy and super-seniors that made it). Once there, the view is spectacular!  The rock slab "tooth" itself can be mounted, though tricky, but the rocky ascent has acclimated the hiker to handle such features, handle with care. You can feel the enormity of an opposing Appalachian ridge (photo) which heightens glory, a hard place to leave.

Fossil Hunt:  Feel the timeless origin of the Appalachians with a laid-back search of an ancient creek bed. More than a stream and bank, several tributaries connect as you move farther downstream forming some gulches and washes filled with heaps of rocks and rock-chips, some containing fossils. These fossils are over 250 million years old, dating back to the Paleozoic Era. You can almost taste how ancient the rocks poking from the stream are, laid and cemented long before the surrounding Appalachian mountains existed! Take all day to explore. Great for hot summer days.

Fossil Hunt.jpg
Eastern Divide.jpg

Eastern Continental Divide:  Hike to what feels like the top-of-the-world! This extensive section of lightly traveled trail uses 3 stages to attain a massive ridge-side from the valley floor. This ridge divides water flowing into the Atlantic from that flowing to the Gulf of Mexico (thus the name). Huge mountains and ridges seem to go on forever from this vantage, boosting a planetary feeling, wow! But come prepared, it's a long hike, and the shifting rocky terrain near the top makes navigation difficult at times. Contact us for tips.

Other Notable Adventures We Support
Buzzard Rock/Read Mtn

Buzzard Rock/Read Mtn

See the Roanoke Valley with this hike within city limits. Start on its backside and view the valley's north end with panoramic mountains ringing the horizon. Though all up, this <2 mile hike is rated moderate

Carvins Cove Ridge View

Carvins Cove Ridge View

Take this 2 mi hike up the backside rim of the Carvins Cove Reservoir for a spectacular view. Not to be confused with the Carvins Cove Rec Area trails, this hike offers the valueable attributes of the famous trail on a relatively moderate hike. Trail-head is off Rt 220 Daleville

Devil's Marble-yard/Arnold Valley

Devil's Marble-yard/Arnold Valley

This is an easy 1 mi hike to the base of this odd feature. A whole side of a mountain is covered in huge marble blocks in a mass jumble. Climb among them and see how this place got its name.

Carvins Cove Natural Reserve:  Take advantage of this massive area of trails and recreational opportunities. Located only minutes from downtown Roanoke, 3 parking areas allow access to all ends of this wilderness zone surrounding a huge reservoir (providing Roanoke's municipal water). Hike, jog or bike the numerous trails (to many to mention- see our Ultimate Guide video). Go fishing, boating or even kayak the large lake while a daytime picnic can be held near the main parking lot located at the end of Reservoir Rd. So close to Roanoke, spend all day in this outback and then be back in your room in minutes. This gem should not be overlooked!

Carvins Cove Trail.jpg
W side of Cove- lake Trail
Fall Foliage at the Cove.jpg
Carvins Delta.jpg
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