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Mountains and Sun


Camping can be grouped into 3 categories: Primitive; Developed; Backpacking
(we do not have our own developed campsites but can book one for you)
North Creek Primitive
North Creek
Appalachian Niche Camping
Free & Comfortable
March Camping
Build Your Own Fire

Taste the essence of the Appalachian Mountains with primitive camping. Wheel into a niche buried deep in Appalachian wilderness, where the campsite needs to be built from scratch. The hardest part is finding that right spot. Most sites are located in National Forests, where primitive camping is allowed within guidelines. Some of the best are located north of Roanoke, in the Jefferson N.F., near Arcadia and along Jennings and North Creeks. Let us guide you to the right spot for your interests. We'll help ensure your camp-out is run as best as can be desired. We'll get you started with equipment such as tents, chairs, tools and saws and maintain the site with decades of experience. Contact us to start your camp-out or for more info.

Super Moon
Claytor Lake S.P.
Claytor Lake Beach
Developed Sites
Developed sites parking
Ready Made Fireplace

Camp and relax all in one! Though you still must pitch a tent and start your own campfire, the addition of groomed grounds, picnic table and especially a bathhouse takes the hard-edge off wilderness camping. Among others, two highly suggested campgrounds are Claytor Lake S.P. and North Creek USDA. Besides Claytor Lake sporting a large sand-filled beach, boating, fishing and hiking, it's proximity to grocery stores makes it easy to fetch supplies. North Creek provides a more deep-woods experience. Come prepared, the nearest gas station is 15 min away, but the camp's seclusion and geography make-up for any inconvenience. As always, we can book and help make this type of experience run as smoothly as possible. Contact us if you want to know more.


If you have the strength and stamina, combine the best of hiking & camping and go backpacking! Feel the freedom of knowing you have every survival need strapped to your back while penetrating Appalachian outback. Better yet, hike a section of the Appalachian Trail where you can stop at a shelter for an overnight camp. Shelters often have a picnic table, fire-pit and water source, reducing the amount of energy to bed-down. Backpacking requires the most planning of any camping excursion. For this reason, we work closely with every one we guide. Think of it as a mock Mars mission- you can't go back if you forget something. Contact us to start your adventure or for planning tips.

Appalachian Trail Shelter- Catawba
Deep Wilderness Shelter
Appalachian Trail Field
Find Nostalgia
Continental Divide Camping
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