Terms & Conditions

Products are normally delivered within 5-10 business days following its order.

Returns are considered within 30 days of purchase. In general, manufacturers’ and suppliers’ policies vary in how returns are handled, although some overall terms can be expected.

A restocking fee of 10%-20% is often accrued for refused, un-deliverable or products returned unused in their original packaging.

Defective or damaged products may be returned and credited full purchase price, less shipping, when all components, documentation and original packaging are returned via instructions levied by the manufacturer or supplier.

Depending on the manufacturer or supplier, return shipping may or may not be afforded, please contact us to get the exact return policies and directions stated by a specific manufacturer or supplier for any specific product.

Please notify us if you have not received your product(s) after the 10 day delivery phase so that we can initiate a lost-in-transit claim.

Any damaged or defective product returned to the manufacturer deemed not defective or altered, including packaging, by the buyer will be returned without credit to the customer or discarded.

Again, please contact us to be informed about specific policies concerning any product.

All sales are final after 30 days of purchase.

Guide Policies

It is understood that all of those participating in any outdoor activity do so under their own volition and are not forced, in any way, legally or physically to complete any of the agreed itinerary.

Hikes are to end officially at 5 PM, although guidance may be extended on a voluntary basis depending on conditions.

If a participant decides to stop transiting a hike in progress, that participant must return to the vehicular transport site and wait until the day's excursion is complete or disembark in own vehicle.

Activities proceed under any weather conditions unless deemed dangerous.

A refundable deposit may be required to be left with the business supplying room accommodations at the time of check-in to cover any unpaid services or damages to room at check out.

Room accommodations are provided by a separate entity not related to Excihiking and all complaints regarding room accommodations are to be directed toward that business.

*Transport to sites is considered a courtesy and not part of any contractual agreement or paid-for-hire.


No littering
No firearms or hand triggered weapons
Must obey all state, local and federal laws effective in area hiked/camped
Belligerent behavior or a danger to themselves or others is unacceptable
Proper dress for conditions (ex. footwear)
All hikes are to be completed by 5PM unless an extension is granted
Hikes and activities will take place under all weather conditions unless dangerous
Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian
Public airing of music is prohibited unless agreed to by all

*Any violation of the rules will invoke the forfeiture of register benefits for that day and a revaluation as to the viability of inclusiveness for the rest of the itinerary with no eligibility of a refund for any part of the adventure missed.


Each attendee enters the hiking/camping activities under his/her own volition and is not forced, in any way, to participate and is, therefore, liable for all his/her actions.

A participant must be physically fit enough to handle the hiking/camping and Excihiking assumes no liability for any medical condition, whether pre-existing, present or future, any person develops.

Excihiking guide has no further obligation to participants other than being a guide and will act in case of emergency to whatever help would be deemed reasonable by any person happening upon the scene, a first aid kit available.

If a participant is injured for any reason, the aggregate cost to care for that person by any entity that provides services related to the injury will fall solely on that individual.

Any participant suffering a loss or injury by any act of another participant may not seek compensation from Excihiking and it is up to the attendee suffering the loss or injury to seek due compensation.

Excihiking is not responsible for any loss or injury incurred by a participant by an outside entity or those providing services for the participant in connection with the adventure package.


A 50% (half) deposit of the full cost is expected no later than 2 month (60 days) prior to the start date to hold and continue the reservation/conformation process.

Full payment is required no later than 1 month (30 days) before the start of the tour or the reservation will be considered abandoned (unless Excihiking is contacted to modify payments).

If a tour is reserved within this time period, payments due for the tour will be expected in whatever time slot it falls as described above.

Day hikes as well as any day event may be paid in full on the spot if a participant wants to join events already scheduled for any particular day where room is available.


If any participant cannot attend the scheduled itinerary or any part thereof due to the failure to appear at the designated rallying point of the Exchiking activity for any reason whether personal or the failure of a second party's commitment to transport participants to the Roanoke valley, there will be no refund.

There will be no refund for any participant that cannot physically complete the adventure.

A full refund will be given to anyone canceling their endeavor up until one month before the start date; thereafter a 50% refund will be ceded to those opting out until one week before the start date.

There will be no refund given within one week before or after the start date arrives for any reason.

If a week is overbooked, slots will be filled on a first come-first served basis and a full refund will be made to those not booked.

Overflow is limited to 2 people

I hope these simple terms will make it easy for everyone to enjoy the tour!

Amended 1/1/2019