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Disclaimer & policies

Guide service is FREE of charge and not part of any commercial enterprise or agent of a for-profit entity of any kind. Guide is acting on his/her own behalf and not obligated to perform in accordance of any contractual agreement. Guide is considered an equal participant as any member of a group and not required to carry out any task, complete any activity or be responsible for the safety of anyone. Any fee connected to any activity, outing or tour is for transportation only, summarily and supplemental.

Transportation fees are not refundable. Those that reserve guidance may use their own transportation to reach an activity's location but must still pay the fee. Guide must be transported by a driver that is licensed to transport the public by the City of Roanoke. Any ancillary fees or costs needed to engage or complete any activity or tour such as, but not limited to entrance fees, parking or permits are not the responsibility of the guide or Excihiking.


Products are normally delivered within 5-10 business days following its order.

Returns are considered within 30 days of purchase. In general, manufacturers’ and suppliers’ policies vary in how returns are handled, although some overall terms can be expected.

A restocking fee of 10%-20% is often accrued for refused, not deliverable or products returned unused in their original packaging.

Defective or damaged products may be returned and credited full purchase price, less shipping, when all components, documentation and original packaging are returned via instructions levied by the manufacturer or supplier.

Depending on the manufacturer or supplier, return shipping may or may not be afforded, please contact us to get the exact return policies and directions stated by a specific manufacturer or supplier for any specific product.

Please notify us if you have not received your product(s) after the 14 day delivery phase so that we can initiate a lost-in-transit claim.

Any damaged or defective product returned to the manufacturer deemed not defective or altered, including packaging, by the buyer will be returned without credit to the customer or discarded.

Again, please contact us to be informed about specific policies concerning any product.

All sales are final after 30 days of purchase.

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