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Mountains and Sun


We've highlighted the most popular places where our tours promote guidance.

 Yet, opportunities in our area are nearly endless and we will gladly manages and guide your adventure.

You can "quick book" a generic tour using our BOOK ONLINE service.

Specialized tours, private hike info or to just say hello, CONTACT US.

Tour operator Don Defreeze- guide, meteorologist & AUTHOR

Post your own stories and ideas, and see others on our SOCIAL PAGE.



Whether your Roanoke stay is one day or week, our service has you covered.

In our tours we can:  help book rooms, suggest eateries or supply meals, transport to guided activities such as hikes,  provide insight of the Roanoke region to help you attain a functioning mindset right away.

For camping, we can book a developed campsite or suggest a primitive location which suites you best. Wherever you camp, we can manage all functions of your campsite. We have the basic equipment and knowledge to run your outing smoothly.

After the tour, capture the moments with courtesy photos or video.

*Some services not available with a generic tour.

Meal support
or locate eateries
campsite Maintenance
basic gear included
courtesy transport
Cabin Bedroom
book rooms
Tour roanoke
outdoor products
Loaded Hiking Backpack

"This is the second year I took hikes with Don. He's very knowledgeable about the trails..."  Debra

"Don is very interesting and friendly! He's a great guide with good information to share..."


"Thanks for putting together the video. It really captures the feeling of walking through a sea of red and gold..."  Sarah

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