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Are there things you have to do today? Aren’t there always? What would you think or do if you could cut those strings tying-up thoughts, drive and intent? What would it be like? What if I told you that such a state is inevitable? Think about it. 


Reflection and contemplation are beneficial and can improve our nature. Solitude can enhance contemplative clarity, and what better place to do so than on the Appalachian Trail, where pivotal conceptions can enrich the way life is spent.  


What’s holding you back from the acuity that a long hike can produce? Take this inspirational journey into Appalachian wilderness. Feel the changes in mind that liberate thought over a hike’s adventure. Become part of a sobering perception that will forever revitalize the very way you consume time.


Climb Beyond the Crest is the second installment of the Please Read trilogy revealing the dynamics of an Appalachian Trail hike at the start of the 21st century.    


Climb Beyond the Crest